Be transported to a world of possibility, a realm of boundless imagination - a human settlement on the Planet Titan, the winter moon of Saturn. However, this colony lies not billions of kilometers upwards, but just a few miles outside Los Angeles, in the Mojave desert. Here the restless Hollywood set-designers Evan Murphy and Ben Spiegelman have established the ‘Settler Corporation’, a mixture of live action role-playing, camping, and artistic retreat. Most applicants for the course are required to decrypt coded instructions, have a spare week, and crucially, the ability to tune into the Settlers incredibly eccentric patterns of thought. THE SETTLEMENT provides a shortcut, showcasing participants and their bizarre project in a deeply endearing light. Rather than ogle these creatures like aliens, you live among them, sharing in their childlike joy, indulging in their unadulterated passion. Through this captivating documentary, you become transported to their alternate dimension, a place without judgement or concern, where you can exist without earthly ties. THE SETTLEMENT demonstrates that such freedom is under our own control. As Evan says, “You can return to space anytime you want. Just look up. It’s right where you head stops”.